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Jan 31, 2022
In Everything for MoCA
hi. i'm trying to get my MoCA adapter to work with the technicolor cgm4140com router/modem combo provided by xfinity. i only have one MoCA adapter since i figured that would be enough since the technicolor cgm4140com is supposed to support a MoCA connection. I turned the MoCA connection on for the MoCA gateway technicolor settings, as seen here: however, i still can't get a connection between the MoCA adapter i got and the router which is supposed to be MoCA compatible and with the MoCA setting enabled for it. the adapter i bought is the "MA2500C". is there something i'm doing wrong? thanks for any help/advice, i would really like to get this working as my internet connection is pretty poor without it. i also have a netgear wifi extender/adapter thing, (really not really sure what it is), and i'm not sure if that could cause issues with me being able to set up MoCA. any advice is appreciated.
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