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Kevin Wheatley
Feb 23, 2022
In Everything for MoCA
Hi, recently I've been experiencing link drops on the MoCA link between a pair of WF-803M units. They have been installed for about a year and are the only devices on the 'network'. Basically each one is directly connected to a coax point which feeds back to the attic, where there is a splitter joining them, I've tried resetting them back to factory defaults and also tried upgrading from to the firmware. I've tried to capture the status of the devices when the link drops and SOC Version:MXL371x.1.18.7 My MoCA Version:2.5 Network MoCA Version:2.5 IP Address:<redacted> MAC Address:<redacted> Link Status:Down Beacon Channel:1150 Primary Channel:1150 Secondary Channel:0 First Channel:1175 Number of Channels:5 Ethernet TX: Tx Good: 0 Tx Bad: 0 Tx Dropped: 0 Ethernet RX: Rx Good: 0 Rx Bad: 0 Rx Dropped: 0 When operating normally the Secondary channel is 1300 Link rates: From/To 0 1 0 676 3456 1 3427 677 From/To 0 1 0 691 3531 1 3454 677 It is a bit tricky to capture both ends details as i loose connectivity to the far end. Is there any thing I could do to try debug this? Thanks Kevin
Kevin Wheatley
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