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Kevin Wheatley
Oct 14, 2021
I had a similar experience, new UK home built with fibre to the home but the G-PON termination point is in a cupboard under the stairs, with only a single Cat 5 direct through the wall between it and the living room, solid floors and no easy way to get a cable into the room we want to use as an office. But almost every room has a TV point cabled up to the loft, and the living room has 4 Coax cables (2 for satellite and send/return for DTV aerial), lucky for me all the coax cabling is the same and is suitable for high bandwidth signals etc. So I order from, Yes, I was concerned with my purchase of a pair of WF-803M units might not work, etc. I'd already checked with support and knew mine would come with US power adapters, but they are multi-voltage, so a few US-> UK adapters later and some F type adapters (not ideal) and things have been pretty solid for the last 10-11 months. In my case I have the G-PON which hands off as Ethernet goes through the wall to the ISP provided router. I take a 1G ethernet out of the router into one of the WF-803Ms which then connects to one of the coax feeds to the loft where I've used a wideband splitter unit with a MoCA POE Filter on the 'upstream' aerial side, so that I can in theory still use the pass through for feeding to a TV from an aerial, though I have yet to test this aspect. I take another of the splitter outputs and connect that down to the office where we have the other WF-803M units, which then connects to a 1G ethernet switch. The bridging adds about 2-3ms latency, but it means we don't fight over wifi channels with the neighbours. My ISP provides me with 300/300 connectivity and speed tests show the full bandwidth is available through the MoCA network, I keep meaning to do tests between devices on the LAN so can't confirm if the units can get 1G full duplex, but the web interface shows that the signal quality is good enough to do so. Something I will be doing is swapping out the face plates for ones with screw on F-type connectors as it is a little too easy for the dogs to knock out a normal UK aerial socket, which can result in a 30 second outage whilst you connect it back up and the units re-join the network. Kevin
Kevin Wheatley
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