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Sep 10, 2021
In Everything for MoCA
Hello, I purchased some time ago 2x GoCoax WF-803M, both are working fine... First is connected in the basement of my house - here I am having my optical device (vrg-21412-plus-ii-rf) - internet connecting starting here Second is connected on the second floor of my house (located in bedroom) I recently purchased another WF-803M and add him to kitchen (which is on the first floor of house) - and I am having this problem: If I connect all the devices (all 3) - the kitchen is not working (MoCa is not lightning) If I connect only second floor (bedroom) with kitchen it is working (MoCA ligt is green on both devices), but of course I do not have the internet there.. The speeds then are around 470, both way (I forget to take a screen) If I connect only basement and kitchen it is not connected (MoCa is not lightning) Screens I take a few seconds in a row (when I connected all 3 devices) And it is keeps repeating.. What should I do, where could be the problem? Thank You
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