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Mark Reid
Jan 14, 2022
In Everything for MoCA
Has anyone had any contact from GoCoax this year? Can I get some support with my order here? I placed an order on the 7th of January and immediately received an invoice and was charged the same day. Since then, I have had no contact, despite reaching out to both the support email address as well as via Facebook - no response to either. I couldn't even log into an account on this website until today as I wasn't receiving the verification emails, until today. Having logged in today, I can't see my order within my account, so can't check the status there. Can anyone from GoCoax advise please? Or can anyone else advise if they have had any contact / received their orders? At the moment, I'm starting to lose trust that this was a legitimate purchase given that payment was taken straight away and there's been no contact since. Thanks.
Mark Reid

Mark Reid

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