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vad nuk
Sep 19, 2021
In Everything for MoCA
Hi, it has been bugging me ever since I go GoCoax MOCA adapters. I don't have any issue taking ethernet output from my FIOS G3100 and plug that into GoCoax ethernet port, connect the GoCoax coax port to the wall coax outlet, and convert it back to ethernet other rooms 4 adapters total. However, the location of the G3100 is currently inside the garage, and I would like to move it into a more centralized location. So what I am trying to accomplish is to use prewired Coax cable and MOCA adapter as ethernet WAN extensions from ONT to inside my house. So far I have tried the following. I connected the ethernet output from Fios ONT directly to the GoCoax adapter and bypassed the g3100 all together, and only to connect the G3100 in a different room using the coax cable from the wall directly, or using a GoCoax adapter and connect the ethernet port on the MOCA adapter to G31100's ethernet WAN port. At the same, I have other GoCoax MOCA adapters in the house wired to receive LAN signals. This setup did not work at all. So this topology is not working because of the mixed WAN and LAN signals in the Coax cable wiring and the MOCA adapters?
vad nuk

vad nuk

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