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Lee Sarfati
Oct 15, 2021
In Everything for MoCA
Hi! I have 4 WM-803 adapters. One connects back to my Router, one from my 2nd-floor office, one from my wife's office, and the last from our bedroom. Something recently (like in the past 30-45 days) happened, and the adapter in my wife's office will take out the entire (MoCA, Ethernet & Wifi) network intermittently. If I remove the adapter, the network straightens out. I've tried updating to 1.0.12, no help; Downgrade to 1.0.6, no help. All the other adapters are at 1.0.12 and work just fine. Three of the adapters were bought originally (Main and both offices), and the bedroom was added recently as the start of an experiment to add hardline connectivity to certain rooms. Does anyone have an idea why the one adapter is all of a sudden taking out everything? If necessary, I can provide a topology map of the network.
Lee Sarfati
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