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Apr 05, 2021
In Everything for MoCA
I am currently installing the goCoax MoCA 2.5 adapter device, and have so far only been able to make it through step four (Check Power LED is green/solid, LAN LED is green/blinking). On step 5, the MoCA LED does not come on. I have read on a couple other threads on here that I should check any splitters to make sure they support MoCA, which they do, so I have no clue what to do next to troubleshoot this. I am including photos below of the MoCA device Frontier originally set me up with, the 8-way splitter and 2-way splitter currently in my setup, as well as the Coax splice device I am using to make sure I am not overlooking something being incompatible.
MoCA light wont come on content media
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