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Anton Kuzmin
Jul 20, 2022
In Everything for MoCA
Hi! I have 3 WF-803M adapters in my house (Order No.12825 from Jan 2, 2022) . 6 month everything works like a charm But several days ago i found disconnect for my wifi clients in cabinet(Ruckus AP, connected to WF-803M). I try to investigate issue - change Ruckus AP, change cables. after several days of doing a lot of things, i found that issue related with WF-803M Even if no connection to Ethernet - i got connection drop every 80-90 sec for 15 sec. i checked it with running ping from router. All other WF-803M works much better. Is it related with WF fault or i can change power brick, for example? Unfortunately i'm not in USA - so need remote help. P.S. Just small addition - i try to avoid coax problem and just connect WF-803M to LAN. Same story - every 90 seconds packet drops. In this case LAN indicator turns off for couple of seconds, but power indication always ON. Could it be related with power supply or this is faulty unit? Thank you in advance
Anton Kuzmin

Anton Kuzmin

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