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Jun 18, 2021
In Everything for MoCA
Hi, I'm wondering if any support is available via this forum for the WF-803FT (FCA251) adapter? For starters, I'm looking for details on how to access the adapter's configuration/diagnostic UI, in order to set an IP address for the device, configure MoCA privacy settings, and review MoCA statistics. Longer term, I'm also interested in how the adapters function when set to "WAN" and "LAN" modes, but specifically: How to configure other MoCA adapters to function as a MoCA LAN when the WF-803FT has been set to "WAN" mode to function strictly as a 2-node WAN link? How to configure other adapters to connect to a WF-803FT when the WF-803FT has been set to "LAN" mode? p.s. Perhaps to demonstrate why the need for insight on configuring these adapters for coexistence, the WF-803FT Quick Start Guide offers the following details on "WAN" and "LAN" operation of the WF-803FT: WAN (1475-1675 MHz); 2x 100 MHz LAN (1025-1350 MHz); 3x 100 MHz FULL (1125-1675 MHz); 5x 100 MHz If accurate, this seems a peculiar choice for the settings, as using 1025-1350 MHz for the LAN precludes any retail adapters from being added to the setup, even manually configured, to extend the LAN; and using 1475-1675 MHz for the WAN precludes the simple configuration of D-High for the LAN. (1025-1225 MHz seems the obvious choice for the MoCA WAN, since the non-standard range would only be needed for the 1 or 2 adapters involved in the MoCA WAN link, and it would leave D-High for the MoCA LAN, and the possibility of still employing a "D-High"-split MoCA filter for MoCA LAN performance improvement.) Why were these frequency ranges chosen, rather than the ranges cited in the goCoax FAQ for the frequencies frequently used by ISPs for simultaneous WAN (D-Low) and LAN (D-High) MoCA networks within the Extended Band D range?
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