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Jul 09, 2022
In Everything for MoCA
Hello, I have successfully used a pair of 803Ms to "convert" ethernet port/cable from the ISP Modem/Cable to coax to send Internet signal via coax to another room and then "convert" back to ethernet from coax, and then to plug to the computer. All works fine no problem. However, today I swapped the 803Ms for MA2500Ds and the adapter by the Modem would simple not show the ETH light as on, no matter reset/the order it was connected, powered, or otherwise troubleshooting. I ended up replugging the 803M at the Modem end and a MA2500D at the room/computer end, and it works but the signal is obviously limited by the 803M to 100Mbps. It seems to me that for some reason plugging the MA2500D by the modem will not configure itself for the LAN. Do you have any ideas of what would be happening? Is it a matter of assigning a specific IP address or similar to the MA2500D? ISP is ATT fiber through their own (Arris?) 5268AC modem. Thanks!


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