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Oct 04, 2021
In Everything for MoCA
The upgrade web page says 60-90 secs. I've tried three times letting it go for 7 minutes+. I'm now trying a fourth time and am letting it go longer. This is my 4th wf-803m.I had no problems upgrading the other three, but this one doesn't want to take new firmware. I've tried with and without changing admin password, and network security passwd. Doesn't seem to matter. Maybe I don't need the new 1.0.12 firmware, but will this device accept a future firmware I will need? Plus it would be the only one I have on 1.0.6. It's now been over 20 minutes. I'm rebooting and configuring and testing with 1.0.6. I look forward to the forum's ideas in the coming days. Thanks in advance.


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