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Apr 28, 2022
In Everything for MoCA
I have had two WF-803Ms I've been using as the backhaul to connect my main mesh router and satellite for over a year now with zero issues. I suddenly and randomly started having random disconnects and stability issues with devices connected to the satellite (wired), despite not having changed anything on my network. I discovered that there had been a couple firmware updates released, so decided to give that a shot. I upgraded both devices from v1.0.6 to v1.0.13, and now they're both not appearing as connected devices on my router. The connection appears to be working fine (albeit with random stability issues still, it seems like) -- MoCa light is on and flashing, LAN is flashing, and the satellite reports its backhaul is via a wired connection and everything appears to be working as expected.. However my router is not reporting the WF-803Ms as connected, so I can't get their IP addresses in order to connect to the WebUI to check their status and see what's going on. Attempting to connect to their previous IPs is not working either. I've tried resetting them both by holding the reset button in for 15+ seconds, both while plugged in and unplugged. I've also tried doing a ping sweep and the devices are not showing up. The only other thing connected via coax is my cable modem, an Arris SB8200 (DOCSIS 3.1). This has also always been on the same network, since before I added the MoCa devices, and I've had zero issues for the past couple years until now. What's going on, or how can I address/resolve this?


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