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Jul 26, 2021
In Everything for MoCA
Hi, I'm currently trying to setup a home LAN. I have Ziply Fiber for WAN connection with an ethernet connection from the ONT to my router in a second bedroom/office. The problem is connecting the living room and master bedroom TVs to the router (daisy chained Cat5e in the home, unfortunately). All the rooms in the home have coax connections, so I was thinking: - (1) WF-803FT in office --> router - (1) WF-803FT in living room --> Apple TV - (1) WF-803FT in bedroom --> Apple TV For the setup, all MoCA adapter would be set to "LAN". Then disconnecting the coax splitter outside from the ONT and sticking a 75-ohm cap on the splitter input, instead of messing with a filter. Does anyone see any issues with this setup? Would the three WF-803FTs all talk to each other as expected? Disconnecting the coax splitter from the ONT would obviate any privacy issues. Thank you!
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