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MoCA Noob
Apr 25, 2022
In Everything for MoCA
Warning: I am a total tech rookie. I just found out that MoCA exists a few days ago. Please forgive me for any bonehead mistakes. Here are the facts: - I'm trying to use MoCA adapters to get reliable internet to my back bedroom. - I have AT&T U-verse internet with a modem/router combo gateway (model 5268AC). - I do not have cable or satellite TV, so I have no need for splitters (as far as I know). - I'm using the goCoax MA2500C MoCA adapter as the device that sends my internet through my coaxial cables. - I'm using a different brand of MoCA adapter as the "receiving" device in the bedroom because it has multiple eathernet ports and wi-fi. - I've plugged my goCoax adapter into the power outlet, I've plugged it into an empty ethernet port on my AT&T gateway, and I've connected a coaxial cable from the goCoax device to the coax in my wall. - My understanding is that the internet is entering my house through the AT&T gateway, then entering the goCoax adapter via ethernet cable, then entering the coax in my home via coaxial cable, and I can access that internet from anywhere in my home via another coax cable and a second MoCA adapter (does not have to be goCoax brand). My problem: POWER light is green, ETHERNET light blinks green very briefly and randomly, and no MOCA light at all. This doesn't seem right to me. I tried connecting devices to my second MoCA adapter to see if things are working, but the devices cannot find a connection. If I unplug the goCOax adapter and plug it back in, the MOCA light comes on for a moment before turning off again. The "receiving MoCA adapter seems to be functioning fine. It has several green lights and seems to be trying to send a signal. I've scoured the internet and can find very little info about this subject. Even the goCoax manual is very sparse on details. What am I doing wrong?

MoCA Noob

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