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Bill McAlister
Feb 02, 2021
In Everything for MoCA
Bill McAlister <>5:30 PM (20 minutes ago) to support I installed 2 units and the initial iperf test was in the high 300 Mbits/sec. I got a third unit for another room also but it is not installed. Currently the speeds are down to 95 Mbits/sec. This is consistent and I have the two units connected with cabling in the house. I now have them connected to each other with a new length of rg6. I also swapped out the new unit with each of the two originals.  Still the same results. I logged into both units and did a reboot and a restore. I have attached a pic of the rate chart. Still at around 95 Thank you if you can suggest any other ideas. Bill McAlister
Speed issues with WF-803M content media
Bill McAlister

Bill McAlister

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