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MA2500D is designed to extend network connectivity at home using MoCA 2.5 technology. MoCA® technology makes your home network better. It extends Internet all over your house using your existing coax TV cable. Home network products with MoCA instantly turn your existing coax TV cable into a powerful, easy to use network for Internet access, Wi-Fi® and entertainment or just about anything you want!

The bonded MoCA channels can provide 2.5Gbps real traffic throughput in your home. With MoCA enabled products, you can stream full HD/4K videos to your devices. You also can enjoy the high speed online gaming, even VR games. 

All the products are very easy to install, just connect the RF/Ethernet cables and power on, and place them to appropriate place, wall mounting or desktop mounting. You can complete all of these in few minutes.

​Compare to WF-803M, MA2500D upgrades the Ethernet port, from GE port to 2.5GbE port.

​Key Features

  • Wall mounting or desk mounting

  • MoCA2.5 over Coax

  • Up to 5 channels bonded

  • Up to 16 nodes in same network

  • Up to 2.5Gbps real traffic throughput

  • 1 x MoCA in port for Coax

  • 1 x 2.5GbE RJ45 LAN

  • 1 x Reset button

  • 1 x MPS pairing button

  • 4 x Status LEDs (Power/ ETH / SEC/ MoCA)

LEDs and Buttons​


2500D_A+ page.jpg

​Network diagram

Based on different ISPs, our products can support many network diagram.

  • Cable ISP, the upper frequency of cable modem is 1002MHz. We know many customers are using cable ISP, such as Comcast, Spectrum, Cox and others. Because the cable Internet(DOCSIS3.0 or DOCSIS3.1) will share the same coaxial network with MoCA, so the most important part, please double check the upper frequency of your cable modem. You can check it from this link. Please check the 'DS Freq Range' column of 'Certified and Qualified Devices'. Make sure the upper frequency is 1002MHz. MoCA is using 1125-1675MHz. They can work together.


  • Cable ISP, the upper frequency of cable modem is 1218MHz. Some DOCSIS3.1 modems have a higher upper frequency, such as ARRI1263. Please install a 2-way splitter to connect MoCA adapter and cable modem. And just before the cable modem, please install a PoE filter to separate DOCSIS and MoCA signals in the same coaxial network.


  • Fiber ISP and others. In such situation, you have an Ethernet cable connected to your main router, to provide the Internet Access. Only MoCA is using the coaxial network. It is much easier.



  • Please double check the Splitters. First, all of them should be MoCA compatible. They should can pass the MoCA signal band, 1125-1675MHz. For Splitter 1, please make sure the coaxial cables from different rooms should be connected to it. Otherwise, the MoCA adapters can't 'see' each other and the MoCA link is down(MoCA light is OFF).

  • To build the MoCA network, you need to have at least two MoCA devices. Please buy at least two MoCA adapters or use current MoCA devices.

  • Normal MoCA(D-band) and Satellite TV have frequency overlap, so they can't work together in the same coaxial network. In the future, we may build special MoCA device to support scenario.

  • Some legacy products used very old MoCA chips. They may have compliance issues with the latest MoCA 2.5 products. If you have such issues, please contact us directly.  

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