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MoCA 2.5 

​Faster than ever

MoCA Mesh is capable of 2.5 Gbps 
actual data rates. It is the ideal backbone 
for Wi-Fi connectivity as it runs over the 
existing in-home coaxial cabling.

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Since the wiring is already in existence, the only thing that is required is to attach MoCA devices at either end. Plug and Play. These devices normally are sold in pairs, so that they can be connected to a variety of devices in the home. Maximum 16 devices in every home network.


MoCA 2.5 can offer extremely high bandwidth of 2.5 Gbps. This bandwidth are shared by all the devices. That’s enough to allow streaming 4K/8K videos at the same time, while still playing an online game and transferring pictures from a computer or a mobile device to a television for viewing.



 Unlike Wi-Fi, MoCA is based on coaxial cable, a shielded metal wire. That can minimize the external interference. Also the attenuation of the cable is very small, less than 8dB per 100 feet. Even with a 60dB path loss, you still can get a full-speed connection. It is almost comparable to Ethernet




MoCA technology is a protocol enabling the distribution of content over the existing in-home coaxial TV cabling. The primary job of MoCA technology is to guarantee delivery of packets to their destination.

MoCA technology is used as an in-home backbone to guarantee wireless connectivity. As consumers bring more devices into the home all yearning for bandwidth a wire is required to guarantee the wireless network.Wi-Fi has improved dramatically over the years the stored and live content streaming, gaming, virtual reality and UHD format programming all strain even the most robust wireless network.

As a result of its high performance and reliability, and the support it provides for wireless networks, MoCA technology lowers the cost of managing the entire network, or total cost of ownership. 

MoCA 2.5 can support Extended Band D and Band E.

Extended Band D: 1125 to 1675 MHz

Band E: 400 to 700 MHz

Our current product only support Extended Band D. It is the default setting.  Definitely you can change it to  Band D Low or Band D high via web. In some special cases, you have to force it to Band D Low to get traffic passing through.   

Because Extended Band D only use high frequency, MoCA 2.5 can co-exist with CATV and DOCSIS, even DOCSIS 3.1. 

MoCA2.5 Spectrum

Screen Shot 2019-01-23 at 22.32.19.png
Screen Shot 2019-01-23 at 22.32.32.png
A Typical In-home MoCA Network.png

Mesh Network

Many people think MoCA is a peer to peer network. This may be a misunderstanding caused by the way the product is sold. The MoCA ethernet adapters are usually sold in pairs.

In fact, MoCA is a full mesh network. It can support maximum 16 nodes in each network. One node can talk to any of the others. 

All the nodes share the Coax bandwidth, for MoCA 2.5, the capacity is about 2.5 Gbps.

With your existing Coax cables, you can enjoy ultra-high speed bandwidth and the legacy CATV.  

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