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Taco Papa
Apr 20, 2022
In Everything for MoCA
Ugh. I bought a new construction home and all I have are coax. What builder does that nowadays? It’s like buying a new car with a cassette tape player. Anyway, thank you in advance for your help. I have questions re: static IPs and encryption: Is the reason for configuring static IPs solely so that I can log into the adapters’ control panel? Or is there another reason such as performance or connectivity with my router? I’d love to plug-in-play if possible. If I do need to log into the control panel to set static IPs, do I only do that on the first/primary adapter? Or on every adapter? I’m installing these behind a POE filter that’s inside my house. Only family members – not multifamily or anything. Is there a reason to go through the effort of setting encryption given my use case? Context: I’m moving cross country and need to get my internet working ASAP. It will be hard to troubleshoot w/o internet. I’d like to clearly understand the process now. In fact, now I have a follow-up question: is there any reason why I couldn’t configure these up BEFORE I move? Then just plug in play when I arrive? Couldn’t I just toss one behind my router (per the instructions), run a coax to another adapter, and ethernet to a computer? Then do this again 7 more times? Thanks! I’m super grateful.

Taco Papa

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