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Oct 16, 2021
In Everything for MoCA
So my WF-803M does not work right out of the box. Connected Coaxial Cable -> WF-803M -> Ethernet -> PC, and Ethernet doesn't work. I have Verizon Internet (300 mbps up/down). I found this YouTube Video ( since it goes much more depth on setup, but it didn't work for me either. Here are the steps I performed: 1. Plugged Ethernet from goCoax into PC. No Ethernet Internet Connection, so forced to use WiFi for Troubleshooting. 2. Changed my PC's IP assignment "Automatic (DHCP)" to "Manual" with the following settings: IPv4 Address: IPv4 subnet prefix length: 24 IPv4 gateway: 3. Go to and login. I'm into the MoCA Setup. 4. Went to "Device Settings" and changed IP Address from "" to "". Click "Save" and "Reboot". I also noted the MAC Address in MoCA Settings. 5. Attempted to go to, but "Connection timeout". 6. Connected to my Router via my WiFi. On the Router, went to "Address Reservation" and added the MoCA MAC Address to the Reserved IP Address of "". 7. Attempted to go to, but "Connection timeout". 8. Changed my PC's IP assignment "Manual" to "Automatic (DHCP)". 9. Attempted to go to, but "Connection timeout". Ethernet still shows as "Unidentified Connection" with "No Internet" and doesn't work, only WiFi. I should also mention my Local IP Range on my Router goes from to, and a Default Gateway of Any idea what I'm doing wrong here guys?
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