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Sep 30, 2021
In Everything for MoCA
I will try to describe my set up as accurately as possible. I have tried a lot of things with no luck. I have the coax cable from the wall going into the moca port of a wf803m. I have another cable going from the TV port into the back of my arris surfboard modem/router. I think have an ethernet cord connecting from the router to that same wf803m. If it matters, I also have an additional, bigger linksys router connected to the Arris. I can verify that I am definitely getting signal into the arris, and it transmits out (I get wired signal on a Nintendo switch directly connected to the arris, and wireless signal via the linksys). This moca device has the power light on and the LAN light blinking. In a different room, I have a coax cable connected to the moca port of a different wf803m, and an ethernet cord from the moca to the back of my TV. This device also has a solid green power light and blinking LAM light. I do not get successful wired signal to this TV, or any other device plugged in. I do not understand what else needs to be fixed. Any help would be tremendously appreciated. Thanks


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