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Courtney Coax aka MoniCA
Sep 24, 2021
In Everything for MoCA
I have Verizon Fios with the G3100 router. The following picture shows the [brand-new] splitter with ONT box -> IN: As you can see, 1 of the 6 ports is capped with a terminator. The other 5 ports go to coax outlets in the following rooms with their respective connections (which all work perfectly) as of right now: - study: G3100 router (connected to ONT on both ethernet (WAN port) and coax (LAN lights up)) - living room: Fios TV One - master bedroom: Fios TV One Mini - guest bedroom: goCoax WF-803M [->ethernet->TP-Link RE450 in Access Point mode] - basement: unused [capped with terminator] I have a second goCoax adapter. I wish to use it in the master bedroom -- ultimately by adding a 2-way splitter there to allow for the coax outlet to serve both the Fios TV set top box as well as the goCoax for an ethernet connection; but for now I'm just seeing if at least I can get the MoCA signal from that outlet without even splitting. I have tested the adapter successfully by connecting to the internet via ethernet->adapter->basement coax outlet, even while the guest bedroom adapter is also connected. So as it appears, the number of connections isn't an issue. However, when I instead test it the same way by connecting it to the master bedroom coax outlet (i.e. completely disconnecting the Fios TV connection), the same way I did in the basement (which I re-capped), the MoCA light does not turn on. I'm still learning how all this works so any insight and advice would be appreciated!! Thank you so much!
Adapter works on some coax outlets but not another? content media

Courtney Coax aka MoniCA

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