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Mar 25, 2022
In Everything for MoCA
I have 5 WF-803M devices that are less than 8 months old and have worked well with no issues until today. One device stopped connecting to moca. I did a coax cable test and cable passes fine, no faults. I then tried connecting this device to another device using short coax cable and the moca lights came on, even swapped the devices at the coax outlet and no moca light. I returned the device I took from another coax outlet to test with back and hooked it up and the moca light would no longer come on. So now I have 2 of 4 with no moca light. All of my coax cables in the house are connected to an Antronix MVRA902B moca amplifier. I unplugged and plugged it back in and no change. I swapped one coax with another and the moca devices still did not light up. Even after doing that and switching the coax cable connections back to original spot the working device (moca light green) is now not working, only lan and pwr light are green. So 3 of 5 devices now are not working (no green moca). I have reset and power cycled these 3 non-working devices Any help would be appreciated!


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