SKU: 90004

MoCA POE Filter

Pass Band: 5-1002MHz

  • Product description

    • Class A RFI Shielding

    • SMD, High Stability

    • High Rejection

    • Low Loss

    • Excellent Return Loss

    • Surge Protection

    • Waterproof

    • Shorter housing fits into more installation applications

    • Suitable for MoCA,used in CATV and Broadband

    • With “O” Ring seal

    Passband: 5 MHz to 1002 MHz

    Insertion Loss (dB) (5-1002 MHz): -1.5 dB

    Return Loss (dB) (5-1002 MHz): -16 dB

    Rejection Band Attenuation (1125-3000 MHz): -40dB

    Frequency Response: ±0.25 dB, maximum

    Operating Temperature: -40°F to +140°F (-40oC to +60oC)

    Humidity: 100% relative humidity resistant

    Unit Dimensions: Length: 2.095”

    Diameter: 0.504”

    Withstanding Tightening Torque: 1. Female “F” Port: 40 inch lbs

                                                       2. Male “F” Port: 60 inch lbs

    Group Delay: Less than 20nSec.

    Surge Withstand: “F” port(s) withstand Category B3,6KV/3KA

    combo wave surge (option B3)

    RFI (Shielding Effectiveness): -120 dB

    Salt Spray: 1000 Hrs. Conditioning

    Interface Moisture Migration: No degradation in Electrical or Mechanical performance (RL, Insertion loss, etc)


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